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LED Chart Light

LED chart light red warm white

Versatile LED chart light with red or soothing warm white light.





Part No.: 8001191

Ref. No.: M300-24W-D


Equivalent to a 30W incandescent beam, bright enough to read a book. 11~15VDC ~0.12A


Nighthawk StickTM

Part No.: 8001221

Ref. No.: M350-24W-D

Cigarette lighter plug version of Nighthawk.


Red NighthawkTM

Part No.: 8001207

Ref. No.: M300-15W/8R-D


Equivalent to an 18W incandescent beam,, bright enough to read a book. 


A three-position switch to select between red (0.04A) or warm white light (0.1A). 


Used hp red LED chips, as bright as 16 others' red LEDs.


Red Hawk StickTM

Part No.: 8001214

Ref. No.: M350-15W/8R-D


Cigarette lighter plug version of the Red Nighthawk.



cigarette lighter plug chart light




High quality LED chart light with a 14" long gooseneck and an On/Off rocker switch, ideal for map reading lights, emergency lights, or night illumination.


Modern styling and compact design.

Not hot, warm to the touch.


4" pigtail; 22AWG multi-strand lead free copper tinned copper pigtail with a 600V 105C UL rating for maximum durability.


Three stainless steel mounting screws included.



Nominal Voltage:      11-15 VDC
Current Draw:     ~0.12A (White)

~0.04A (Red)

Operating Hours: Up to 10,000+ hrs.
Gooseneck Length: 370 mm (14")
Weight:      ~350 g (13 oz)
Colors:   Warm White (~3200 K)


Connection:   4" pigtail, polarized


Mounting Holes Template (1:1pdf)


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