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Hallberg Rassy 34

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Testimonial from a Hallberg-Rassy 34 owner:


In our cruising sail boat, just before our month long trip to Hawaii this summer, we replaced all the originally installed nav and halogen cabin lights, each of which drew 1.2 - 2A, with Dr. LEDís LED bulbs and LED lamps.  During our cruise, each evening we would keep the nav lights on all night and use three warm white LED cabin lights for at least two hours.  We also kept the nav table chart light on all night not only for its obvious purpose, but also as a "night light" so we could move around the cabin at night safely and without waking anyone.  Had we continued with the halogen lights, we would have used 16-20 Amp-hours just for cabin lighting every evening and night.  This is more than 10% of our usable battery capacity.  With Dr. LED fittings, each of which draws just a little over 0.1 A, even if we had turned on all nine of our cabin lights, they would have used less current than a single halogen bulb.  As it was, we could use all the lights we normally use, with no concern for battery drain.  Nobody became irritated at the captain (me) for his frequent nagging about the need to conserve battery capacity by turning off non-essential lights.  The Dr. LED fittings have made cruising even more enjoyable.


Hallberg-Rassy 34



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