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GE #68 #90 #94 #1004 Marine Navigation Light LED Replacement Bulbs

12V 24V 2nm Visibility 15mm Bayonet Non-Polarized Navigation Lights LED Replacement Bulbs for #68 #90 #94 #1004 Bulbs 

GE90 Star


H2492 Star

2nm Visibility LED Replacement Bulbs for #68 #90 #94 #1004 Bulbs

HEX GE90 After-Market LED Replacement Bulbs.

One-to-one 2NM LED replacement bulbs for Perko Bulb Fig. 337 and Trade #68, #90, #94, #1004 etc. bulbs for navigation and interior lights.

(Use our Dome Lights LED Conversion Kits for dome lights.)

  • 2nm Visibility, 12VDC and 12/24 VDC, High-Power LED Bulbs
  • Replaces Single Color BA15D #68, #90, #94, & #1004 Bulbs
  • Single Color (Warm White, Red , and Green)
  • Replaces Perko Bulb 0337
  • Low Power Draw: ~1W (Non-Polarized Connection)
  • Built-In Energy Management Circuit
  • Direct Bulb LED Replacements for Many Anchor Lights
  • Long Service Life
  • Ultra-Rugged with No Filament to Burn-Out or Break


 GE90 anchor navigation light     2nm bayonet nav LED bulb12V HEX GE90 Star  Perko series 0329 navigation light

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These HEX GE90 marine LED bulbs are specially designed as direct one-to-one LED bulb replacements for the incandescent navigation lights available on the market, such as  those from Perko and other manufacturers.  

These high-quality marine LED bulbs are the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat with a current draw of only about 0.12A.  They are especially well-suited for mast mounted lights, as their incredible reliability will mean an end to frequent climbs up the mast to replace navigation light bulbs.

    Bayonet 15mm double contact non-index (non-offset) configuration
    #1004, #90, #68, #94 etc. bulb LED replacements (one-to-one replacement)
    For 2NM navigation lights
    High-Power LED Bulb      2 NM visibility     12VDC and 24VDC
    Conformal coated & use of long life components: e.g. ceramic capacitor (not low hour electrolytic capacitor).
    Internal circuitry provides for constant energy consumption, regardless of voltage fluctuations from the source, meaning no flickering and longer LED life
    Long service life, shockproof, ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break
    Very low power consumption (approximately 1.5 W)   
    Dimmable with PWM dimmers

Compatible with Perko fixture series 0362, 0371, 0455, 0466, 1134, 1137, 1209, 1311, 1330, 1400, 1401, etc.


Scotty navigation lightScotty navigation light

Compatible with Scotty fixture series 802C, 803C, 802R, 803R.

2nm bayonet nav LED bulb12/24V GE90 Star    12/24V H2492 Star

The GE90 Star is specially designed as as direct incandescent bulb LED replacement for the very popular #90 incandescent bulb used in many Perko fixtures (Bulb Fig. 0337) and other anchor lights. This marine LED bulb is fabricated from the highest quality components to assure long life and trouble-free functioning. Their patented internal circuitry provides consistent brightness and makes them immune to life-shortening voltage fluctuations. Their incredibly low power draw (~1W) makes them the perfect way to reduce energy consumption. H2492 Star is the single contact model that works in a Hella series 2492 anchor light.

GE90 2nm USCG 2nm cert

ABYC A-16 and USCG COLREG 1972 (IMO) Standards Certificate: Certified for correct Chromaticity, Luminous Intensity, and Cut-off Angles.

12V White  HEX GE90 Star PN:9000425
12V Red     HEX GE90 Star PN:9000517
12V Green  HEX GE90 Star PN:9000524
12V Blue    HEX GE90 Star PN:9000531
12/24V White   GE90 Star PN:8001627


Compatible with Perko fixture series 120, 170, 1301, 337, 362, 371, 455, 466, 1134, 1137, 1209, 1311, 1330, 1400, 1401, etc.

12/24V White H2492 Star PN:8000067

   Hella series 2492 navigation light

Single contact model for Hella series 2492 anchor light.


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HEX GE90 Dimensions Drawing 

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GE90 & H2492 Dimensions Drawing



#90 2nm nav LED bulb Perko anchor light
FAQs and Comments:

 Perko series 0329 light

Compatible with many Perko fixtures such as series 0329 Perko bulbs Fig. 337, 0337011DP, and 0337012DP.

Replaces 12V Perko Bulbs Fig. 337, 0337011DP, and 0337012DP.


12V and 24V Dome Light LED Conversion Kits are also available. marine dome light LED converison kit

Reflector can be removed to make bulb shorter.

sail boat with LED light Best Marine LED Lights and LED Replacement Bulbs.

Actually useable light at a reasonable price.

Patented & specially designed for the marine environment.

Testimonial from a Hallberg-Rassy 34 owner.

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