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36-44mm Festoon Star

36mm 39mm 41mm 44mm Marine LED Festoon Bulbs

12V Warm  White PN:9000241

12V Red                PN:9000548

12V Green            PN:9000555

12V Blue               PN:9000562

24V Warm White PN:9000357 


Finally, 1-to-1 festoon Marine LED replacement bulbs for 2NM navigation lights. 
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  • Replaces 36mm 39mm 41mm 44mm festoon bulbs
  • 12V and 24V, Non-Polarized
  • 2NM & 360 degrees visibility
  • Good for navigation and non-navigation lights
  • 90 warm white Lumens output
  • Draws ~1.8W


Dr. LED 36-44mm festoon nav LED bulb with extension caps

Two pointed caps and two dimpled caps are provided to extend length of this marine LED festoon bulb from 36mm to up to 44mm.

12V Replaces

Perko Bulbs

Fig. 69 & 70


24V Replaces

Perko Bulbs

Fig. 67



Finally, true one-to-one LED replacement bulbs for incandescent navigation and interior festoon bulbs. These festoon LED bulbs are specially designed as direct replacements for many navigation as well as interior lights.  They are compatible with many Perko fixtures such as series 0120, 0170, 106, 108, 109, 110, 111, 259, etc.  These marine festoon LED bulbs also work with aqua signal series 25, Forespar ML-2, as well as Hella series 3562 and 8505.  These high-quality high-power marine LED festoon bulbs are the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat with a current draw of only about 0.1A.  Their incredible reliability means an end to frequent climbs up the mast to replace navigation light bulbs.


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Product Features:

  • Replaces 36mm to 44mm pointed and dimpled festoon bulbs.
  • 12 VDC Replaces Perko bulbs # 0069DP0CLR (Perko bulb fig. 69) and #0070DPxCLR (Perko bulb fig. 70).
  • 24 VDC Replaces Perko bulbs # 0067DPxCLR (Perko bulb fig. 67)
  • * High-Power LED *2 NM visibility *12 VDC or 24 VDC *Warm White
  • Zero radio frequency (RF) emission, surface-mount-device design.
  • Internal circuitry provides constant current draw regardless of voltage fluctuations from the source meaning no flickering and longer LED life.
  • Long service life, shockproof, and ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break.
  • Very low power consumption (approximately 1.5 W).
  • Lead and mercury free, no UV output.
  • Designed in the USA


aqua signal series 25 navigation lightsaqua signal series 25 navigation light

Compatible with 12V aqua signal fixtures series 25 bulbs 90200, 90201, etc.

Forespar masthead light

Compatible with 12V Forespar fixtures series ML-2 bulbs WN-211, 132025, etc.

(Deck light uses MR16 bi-pin bulb.)

Hella series 3562 navigation lights

Compatible with 12V Hella fixtures series 3562, 8505 bulbs 78206, 8GM002091-131, etc.


Perko series 0170 navigation light

Perko series 0170 navigation light

Compatible with 12V Perko fixtures series 0120, 0170 bulb Fig. 69, 0069DP0CLR.

Compatible with 24V Perko fixtures series 0120, 0170 bulbs Fig. 67, 0067DP1CLR, and 0067DP2CLR.

 Perko series 0109 navigation lightPerko series 0110 navigation light

Compatible with 12V Perko fixtures series 0106, 0108, 0109, 0110, 0111, 0259, 939, 946, 4F, 5F, 7F bulbs Fig. 70, 0070DP1CLR, and 0070DP2CLR. 

12V Bulbs Replace

Perko Bulbs Fig. 69, Fig 70, 0069DP0CLR, 0070DP1CLR, and 0070DP2CLR. 

Ancor Bulb # 529095, 529104, 522126, 522131, 522112, 522122, 529333, etc.

Trade # 211-2, 212-2, 560, 569, 578, etc.


24V Bulb Replaces:

Perko Bulb Fig. 67, 0067DP1CLR, and 0067DP2CLR.

Dimensions:  ~36mm (1.4) long, 12mm (0.5) dia.

Two pointed caps and two dimpled caps are provided to extend length from 36mm to up to 44mm.

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12V 36 to 44mm Festoon Star

Recommended Applications:


festoon LED nav lights selection guide

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36-44mm Festoon Star

12V White PN:9000241

12V Red    PN:9000548

12V Green PN:9000555

12V Blue   PN:9000562

24V White PN:9000357 

24V 36 to 44mm Festoon Star

Recommended Application:

 Perko 0120 nav light

2nm USCG cert festoon bulb 

ABYC A-16 and USCG COLREG 1972 (IMO) Standards Certificate: Certified for correct Chromaticity, Luminous Intensity, and Cut-off Angles.

sail boat with LED light Best Marine LED Lights and LED Replacement Bulbs.

Actually usable light at a reasonable price.

Patented & specially designed for the marine environment.

Testimonial from a Hallberg-Rassy 34 owner.

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