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Patented LED Technology


Not all LED products are created equal !  Buying LED products is like buying cars.  Some look the same with similar features but you know very well that some are better than the  others. 

Dr. LED only makes high quality products.


Dr. LED InsideTM  Patented* Constant Energy Technology

Dr. LED's InsideTM  is all about ultra efficient energy transfer from power sources to the LEDs.  These power sources could be line voltage (e.g. 120VAC, 240VAC), low voltage systems (e.g. 12VAC, 24VAC), battery systems (e.g. 12VDC, 24VDC, 28VDC), or solar panels, etc.  Our technology provides the most optimal approach to deploy LEDs in lighting applications.

Dr. LED InsideTM bulbs have active electronics built in to regulate the energy going into each LED, so that they do not overheat and/or burn out prematurely at the high end of the source voltage range, while maintaining an optimal level of light output for each given type of LED.  This is very important, as in many instances; it could mean the life or death of the LED bulb.


Dr. LED uses warm white lights (~3200 K) as incandescent and halogen replacements, instead of the cold (~6000 K) LEDs commonly used buy others. 


Dr. LED InsideTM  internal circuitry optimizes LED bulbs' benefits over traditional filament and halogen light bulbs as well as over compact fluorescent bulbs:


Technological Benefits:        

  •  Low current draw (milli-amps vs. amps)

  •  Low power consumption

  •  Reduced heat generation (warm NOT hot)

  •  Vivid, bright, pure color spectrum light output

  •  Solid-state control

  •  Fast turn on

  •  Non-flickering

  •  High shock and vibration resistance

  •  Ultra long life


Economic Benefits:

  • Lower cost of ownership

  • Ultra long life (up to 100 times) saves on bulb replacement cost, PLUS the cost of labor

  • True energy savings

  • Where air conditioning is used, each Watt of lighting means an additional 1.4 Watt of equivalent air conditioning to maintain the same temperature

  • Lower Watts per LED bulb

  • Smaller transformer and smaller gauge cable or:

    • Up to 10 times more fixtures or

    • Up to 10 times longer cable.


Environmental Benefits:

  • Low energy consumption

  • No harmful UV emission

  • Mercury-free

  • Lead-free

  • No fire hazard (vs. halogen).



*US Patented, US and International Patents Pending

sail boat with LED lightBest Marine LED Lights and LED Replacement Bulbs.

Actually useable light at a reasonable price.

Patented & specially designed for the marine environment.

Testimonial from a Hallberg-Rassy 34 owner.



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