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Dr. LED:  Innovative Marine LED.


LED Lights:

Mars Dome 

LED Dome Light

LED marine dome light

Saturn Ring

LED Recessed Light

LED recessed light

Black Cobra 

LED Chart Light

 LED chart lightLED


LED Light

LED light

Dave X3 

Surface Mount LED Underwater Puck Light

LED underwater lightLED


LED Spreader / Deck Light

LED spreader / deck lightLED


Through-Hull Mount LED  Underwater Light

LED underwater lightLED

LED Star Phaser Rechargeable

LED Searchlight

LED searchlightLED


LED Bulbs for Forward/Downward Pointing Lights:

Bayonet Magnum LED

To replace most single and double contact 15mm bayonet incandescent bulbs for reading lights.

bayonet LED bulbLED

G4 MR11 MR16 LED

To replace most "third degree burn " bi-pin halogen bulbs for reading lights.   

bi-pin LED bulbLED

Edison LED

To replace most medium screw base Edison bulbs.

Edison LED bulb LED

G4 MR11 Bi-Pin

LED Disk

To replace most bi-pin halogen bulbs.


G4 LED disk

12V Windex LED Bulb

To replace Windex bulb.

Windex LED Bulb

Single Sided Wedge Base LED Disk

To replace most wedge base bulbs.

wedge base LED bulb

12/24V Dome Light Conversion Kit

To convert dome lights to LED.


Dome Light

LED Conversion Kit

To convert dome lights to LED

dome light LED conversion kit



LED Bulbs for Sideway (Radial) Lights:

31mm Festoon Bulb

To replace 29-31mm festoon bulbs.


festoon LED bulb

39mm to 44mm

Festoon Bulb

To replace 39-44mm festoon bulbs.

festoon LED bulb

Edison SideKick LED 

To replace most medium screw base Edison bulbs.

 Edison LED bulbLED

Bayonet SMD LED Series

To replace most bayonet incandescent bulbs for reading lights.

bayonet LED bulb

2nm LED Bulbs for Navigation Lights:

(Selection Guide)

Polar Star 40 

Bayonet bulb replacements for single, bi, & tri-colored aqua signal series 40, 41, 42, 50,  single-colored Hella series 2984, 2386, Perko 200, 1127, 1130 and many other similar navigation lights.

Festoon Star 

Festoon bulb replacements for single colored aqua signal series 25, Hella series 3562, Lalizas and many other similar navigation lights.



31mm Festoon Star 

29-31mm Festoon Bulb LED replacement.

39-44mm Festoon Star

12V and 24V 29-31mm Festoon Bulb LED replacements.


GE90 Star

LED replacement for the very popular #90 bulb (Perko Bulb Fig. 0337) for many Perko anchor nav light such as Perko series 120, 170, 1301, 337, 362, 371, 455, 466, 1134, 1137, 1209, 1311, 1330, 1400, 1401, and many other similar anchor lights.

H2492 Star

Single contact version for Hella 2492 anchor light is also available.

Polar Star 25

For aqua signal series 25 bi-color navigation lights.

P338 Wedge Star







Line Voltage LED Lamps:

Elite PAR30 

120/240VAC LED Bulb


Elite A19 LB60 

120/240VAC LED Bulb


120V LED BulbLED

Elite Big John 

120/240VAC LED Flood Light

120V LED Flood Light


sail boat with LED lightBest Marine LED Lights and LED Replacement Bulbs.

Actually useable light at a reasonable price.

Patented & specially designed for the marine environment.

Testimonial from a Hallberg-Rassy 34 owner.



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